Sunday, September 2, 2007

Princess outfit....

Sofie likes accessories. She likes to combine them with her differet outfits, but sometimes she just can't find what she is looking for in the shop. In Denmark this summer she baught a scarf and two long loose arms in dark purple. She also wanted this in pink....

But - this was nowhere to be found. So I used some leftover yarn from my blanket project and made her this in pink and grey. Easy to make - and she was a happy receiver.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Slippers for the winter

I have been travelling a lot one week in August. So to spend the time avoiding the complete boredome, I made some slippers for the winter.

I tried different yarns and combinations to make then soft, make them warm and make them steady.
The green slippers are made of two relatively thick wollen yarns, steady and warm. The read is made of one thread tick wollen yarn, soft and warm.

A blanket for the dog

I wanted to try out a couple of different techniques but not having to make a big project out of it. So I had some leftover yarn of the same quality - and decided to make a blanket for the dog to sleep on.

A nice and simple technique is to use three threads, and change color at the end of the needle for every row.