Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Started on my "bredbånd" jacket from Geilsk

I have finally started on my Bredbånd jacket from Geilsk. In thin wool.and it feels great.

Just hoping I will do it in the correct size - I have missed badly before.

Tunic or dress?

Lene Holme Samsøe has made this brilliand book with recipes for baby clothes - all are to be knitted with needles number 3. I totaaly fell for Bella baby and knitted the Tunic. But it was not exactly as I had envisioned it. A bit to narrow.

Bu I guess I was thinking more Dress than Tunic. So I gave this to a young colleague expecting a baby girl.

Then I started over - wanted the same start - but making it wider. I added some wedges- two in front at two in the back - at the same time as I kept the increase in the sides as described in the recipe. The result:? I am happy :-)

Smutthull from Geilsk

I love knitting the stuff from Geilsk.
Fun - good quality yarn, recipes that normally makes sewing a rare thing.
Smutthull is a fun sweather for kids.
I made one in the smallest size - so it is ready for Yr when she gets to the colder weather in the fall.
I chose a rather light colour of the tweed- with white "smutthull" - may be I should have used several different colours on the smutthulls?

Sofie's new wistwarmers

Sofie is playong the flute in the schoolband. They have a dark blue uniform, and wear black shoes and socks. Playing the flute in the spring in the western part of Norway can be a cold and wet experience. So she has some wristwarmers in bright colours she has used for practice.

But the independence day, May 17th, the needed black or dark blue wristwarmers if any. So - please mum - knit some for me.

I have this easy and fun pattern from Denmark I have used before - so I used it again - this time in thicker, black wool.

Rauma wool.

And she was happy -and has used them.

Yet another retro sweather for grannys little darling

I had some "babyull" from Gjesdal in my huge pile of yarn that needs to be knitted before I can start on anything new....

I used the same old pattern mentioned in an earlier blogpost but this time i made it 6 stiches longer to make sure that the growing baby could use it a while.

and she looks so cute in it :-)

Hat in "virgin merino wool"

WHen I was done with the retro sweather for Yr - I did what I was determined not to do - I went to Silkeborg and visited Garn Oasen and ended up with some delicious yarn. Soft, wool - nice red colour. I had just lost a hat -forgot it on the ferry :-( 

SO then I just started out knitting a hat.
For my self.

No recipe.

Trial and error.

Retro sweather for Yr

In a magasine from 1963 I found a lovely sweather for babies/small children. I liked the basic design, puse and simple and straight forward.

So - with some wool/silk yarn from Duo- I used the easter holiday to make this little sweather. The rib in top makes it go nice around the shoulders. The decreasing is done in the gurter stiches and are close to invisible.