Friday, December 10, 2010

Strange little useful things

When I was in Denmark, my friend Mona bought yarn and a recipe to make what we call "pulswarmere", a wollen warm garment to warm the your hand and lower part of arm....

Anyway, I had some multicoloured yarn in wool, not enough to make anything decent of, so I tried out the recipe.

The result was warm enough - and quite useful in the mornings when the steeringwheel in the car feels like a block of ice!

Monster pants and matching sweather

My lovely nephew is now a young father. For his beautiful little girl I have knitted warm wollen pants and a warm sweather for when she is big enough to start in day care. The yarn was bought in Denmark, and the

pattern is from a Danish designer. Find more at

The monster pants are made in the same material. Inspired by this blog I made the pants.

So now I hope to see her in the outfit when she grows into it - may be still 10 months to go?

Fingerless gloves in lambswool/doghair mix

For my dear spouse I have knitted fingerless gloves in a mix that are claimed to protect the skin from the rough cold Norwegian winters. The gloves are rather "boring" both strangely enough warmer than the pure lambswool mittens. HMmm may be we need to look further into dog/lamb mixes of yarn for the wintermittens.