Thursday, June 5, 2014

Angry bird hat for Yr

It is summer temperatures here now, and we have had one week of 20+ degrees :-)
This means that woolen hats are to warm to wear in preschool and kindergarten. But even if it is summer, we know that temperatures will drop to 12 degrees and some days we will have strong winds. So a summerhat for the little ones are a nice thing to have.
First I knitted a traditional little Helmet kind of hat.
Debbie Bliss Wool/cotton mix.
Pattern from Hjertegarn

But it was oh so boring.

 So I was wondering to turn it into an owl hat, and made a beak. Made some eyes.
But it still was not to my liking.

I added eyebrows. So now it is a kind of Angry Bird hat.

I hope it fits the young lady's head and that she likes it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bredbånd (Broadband) jacket for me

Second time around.
This time it fits.
I needed to increse the distance from the red "belt" to the arm pits with a few stripes to avoid the "belt" hanging to high.
I love this jacket, and has already used it a lot.
So happy to find some decent buttons.

Geilsk Thin wool, Geilsk recipe"Broadband"

Not at all difficult to knit.
Some interesting techniques.

Big baby blanket

in Geilsk Tweed.
Pattern "Tæppefald"
Easy TV knitting project.

Babies arriving in the family

Let put it like this: there are multiple incidents of nephews and nieces becoming parents in the near future.
So I am knitting so they can all have a little something for the newcomer(s).

This is a knitted T-shirt in Wool/cotton. Approx. size 6 months.

Rundkjørsel (Round-about)

I have not knitted much brioche, and never two-coloured.
So then a nice, but not too big project was a good start. From Geilsk I had the tweed I needed, and I found a free recipe that was just perfect.

Yr's "Fister løgsovs"

I made Yr a mustard colored Fister Løgsovs sweater some time ago. Size 2 years, so it will fit her at the end of fall, I guess.
Geilsk  tweed yarn, and Geilsk Pattern.
Only thing that needed to be done after knitting, was attaching the sleeves to the rest. Little sewing, is what I like.

Sofie and "Fister Løgsovs"

I am done with Sofie's new pullover. Looking good on her, and she liked the colour and the tweed it was made of. The pattern is from Geilsk and so is the yarn.

Since Sofie is a young woman I chose to use size 12 and just add extra length.

I liked the fact that the front pocket was knitted together with the rest, no sewing.
I liked that the sleeves are knitted from top and down, so with younger kids, they can be extended easily.