Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cranky pants, Monsterbukser

Our darling granddaughter Yr is starting kindergarten. She is 1 year old, and still so tiny, but ohh so ready to play with the other kids. I wanted to make her some nice warm pants in wool. Gender neutral, fun colours. Luckily I had heaps of yarn of same quality, Silja. It is a sock yarn, meant to stand some wear and tear, and for someone still crawling really fast of the floor, I think this is a good quality wool yarn. And it can be machine washed. As you can see, there are room for the little one to play in these pants.
I have just staerted to use my knitting machine, and these are made on it. Stitched theets and eyes on afterwards. The trick to use leftover yarn is to wind it up in similar sized balls, so both legs can be identically (unless you want it more random).

Monday, January 6, 2014

wrist warmers - another left-over yarn project

I had one ball of soft yarn left over from knitting a hat. I decided to experiment a bit with tuck stitches. And I made a pair of wristwarmers, knitting the thumb part on by hand afterwards. The hard part was to decide which side was reverse....

Knitted tubular scarf thing- or Buff

I have one of my sisters living in the realy cold part of winter Norway. She has her birthday in December. I had this really warm kauni yarn available, and decided to knit her a warm buff, long neck- whatever.

I used the knitting machine, and tuck-stiches, and knitted the two ends together.

I also chose to make it wide enough to cover ear and nose if really cold.

scarf made for one daughter, used by another :-)

After knitting Jomruhummer in Geilsk Wool and Hemp, I had some leftover yarn. I decided to use this as a scarf for the youngest daughter. She has this red-and-very-orange double knitted scarf she loves, and I thoungt one scarf in more calm colours could be nice. But no thank you- I like my own scarf.
My oldest daugther liked the scarf, so at least it is in use, and I got to use up some leftover yarn.

Kitchen Cloths

Christmastime was approaching- when I found myself with a brand new knitting machine. Perfect time to test different techniques and getting to know the machine.

I bought some red and green cotton yarn, and tried making a plated cloth changing dominating colours. Thick and solid result.


and kind of Christmas coloured.
Then I knitted a tosiden cloth, by knitting one side, continue and knitting on only every second needle on the back side, and attacjing the side masks from the first side at the edges of every road. WOrked fine. The picture shows the reverse side - with the front side flipped on top of parts of it.

Last cloth was testing how to make cables with the knitting machine.

Rock mittens for Sofie

Sofie is growing so fast....and her hands are also growing. Longer finger = new mittens.
She is into music, rock mostly on the heavy side- so I found the pattern from Jorid Lindvik. Let's Rock to be a worthwhile knitting project.

Sofie was happy when she got them- but the size must be on the small side, they were actually barely fitting. I guess I have to make another one in slightly ticker yarn. I used Rauma Finull.

Mittens for YR

Tiny Yr is starting Kindergarten in Jauary, and then she needs mittens for her small hands. Grandma is knitting.

I made one set with Hugin and Munin, PT yarn, wool from Rauma. For the most part, I followed the pattern in Annemor Sundbø's book "Norske votter og Vanter", I ended them a bit earlier so they better fit very small hands.

The I made one pair of mittens from Nøstebarn. Fine Alpaccawool.

Tassels for Marte's hat

When out shopping I found this nice white mock fur tassel- I liked the idea of putting this on Martes hat. At the same time-have the chance to remove it.  So I removed the tassel I had made, and made two new, as well as the fake fur. I added a pushbutton to the hat, and to the three tassels. I thought this was a good idea- time will show which one she will wear.

Boyfriend hat

For Marte's boyfriend I made a green hat. Same soft wool as Marte's hat. Debbie Bliss Rialto DK. Supersoft and 100% wool. I tried to make it a bit masculin - as well as reversible.
I had to borrow the son-in-law Nelson, to make sure the hat fitted a mans head. ready to go along with the rest of the Christmas gift.