Friday, June 29, 2012


I have knitted a small traditional hat for my coming grandchild. Nice to keep the little head warm. Wool/silk mix again. Real soft.

Other people are having babies too....

I have young colleagues being pregnant as well. I think it could be a good idea to knit something to some of them :-)
One is a nice man working with me making our web pages function as close to what we would like them to as possible. He is expecting a boy -so this must me it... Knitted in Geilsk wool/cotton mix - because the baby is due late summer/early fall.

Baby underwear

Smallest woolen undershirt I have ever knitted. Just in case my coming grandchild should come early, or be tiny. It is size 0-3 months- knitted in rib.  This is knitted from the top-down. Again wool/silk mix from Duo, recipe from
I have knitted two white ones, one green-but with long arms, and one with stripes - white nad grey - also long arms.

the striped one in progress:


I am (finally) going to be a grandmother! In December. So all the cool knitted stuff to little ones are in my knitting  backlog.

This is a knitted babyvest in Wool/silk blend from Duo. The recipe is from Lillestrikk but there are several free recipes pretty much like it available on the net. Looking for incrediable cute small buttons for it :-)

Workshop - Silkeborg Knitting festival

We were attending the Knitting festival in Silkeborg few weeks ago, and there we took part in a workshop on Entrelac knitting. It was a good teacher, and she was structured so we were all able to do it at the end of the workshop. This is my first try- but now I have started on a blanket in this technique.

Halvhansker i Geilsk tynn ull/Wristwarmers

Etter å ha strikket underslyngel og Løbetid fra Geilsk, hadde jeg litt rester. Så et par halvhansker i tynn ull må jo være saken. Disse er alt blitt mye brukt.

After having knittet the Skirt and blouse from Geilsk - I was left with some of that nice thin wool yarn. Enough to a pair of wristwarmers. ALready used a lot - this spring has not exactly been to warm.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

¨knitting outdoors in Denmark

We have been on some outings with Stavanger Strikk og Drikk. We went to a knitting festival on Fanø in Denmark, knitting weekend in a cabin near Eigersund in Norway, Then two trips to Silkeborg in Denmark. First to visit Bente Geil and then to a knitting festival. 
Here are some photos illustrating the situation. Knitting on the porch early in the spring.
It is nice to shop yarn and receipts in Denmark since they have a much wider range of speciality yarns- not just a few big companies dominating the whole market.

I shopped from Duo, Geilsk, Design club, Lillestrikk

"Løbetid" - strikket topp fra Geilsk

Jeg har strikket en Løpetid til meg - og syntes oppskriften var helt genial. Så har jeg strikket en til Rigmor - i ull/bommull miks fra Geilsk. Se så fin hun er i den! Oppskriften former seg fint - og man benytter seg bare av rette og Vrange masker- og det prinsippet å slippe noen masker ned.