Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Retro for Yr

I have an old "Alt for Damene" knitting magazine. Fantastic patterns for small babies.
Among all the patterns there was a few "I have to make this" sweathers and blouses.

Starting out with the yarn available- Duo Wool/silk bought in Denmark a few weeks ago, this is the result. I hope it will fit - I was so tiny - even if it was marked 3 - 5 months. The blouset ended up a bit darker than optimal - but I think Yr is dark enough to wear it.

It was fairly easy to make. I started out with 60 stitches - knitting back and forth. Every second time I stopped before the last 14, turned the work around, thread over and knitted back. Next time i knitted the thread-over stitch together with the 14th last stitch and continued over all the stitches.

After repeating this 8 times I made twelve rounds following a basic pattern and continued to the first sleeve. Knitted the top 22 stitches- putting the rest onto a thread for later, adden stitches so I again had 60. The downmost 9 narrowing in by every third time I arrived there I turned the work.

At the end- crotcheting around the neck to allow a twisted thread finnishing the neckline off.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jacket, hat and socks in leftover yarn

The wool/silk from Duo is a fantastic yarn to knit with., I really love it. My daughter bought some and made a baby blanket - crocheted in squares. I had used the same colour for a babyrib with owl buttons. So - there where leftover yarn.
I started out with a jacket. Just made up as I went along. Started with the cack - increased to create the sleeves- then descreased again and added an edgen for buttons and one for holes.
Still there were more yarn. So I made a little hat. Livstykkehjelm from Geilsk.

And with more yarn - a pair of very small socks, for a tiny foot.

So - this set with jacket, hat and socks is made of leftover yarn - and I still have some. Just need to get a good idea of a leftoveryarn project.

The recipient - Yr

Here is my darling grand daughter in a creation from grandmother. This version has kept the original length of the sleeves, but added some stitches in front for buttons and buttonholes.

Baby in rib - extended

I have by now knitted several baby in rib for And I have made some alterations to the pattern.  Most of them I increased the number of stitches in the front (neckline) to allow for some buttons. I have also continued the ragland knitting to create long sleeves. This version is knitted in baby alpacca/silk mix. And for variation - knitted in two colours. The project only used parts of two yarn skains- so again - left with some remnant yarn. Size 3 months.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scarf for the old man

Olav finally got around to buying a nice woollen "coat" to use over his suit. Then he found a scarf in the same shop. "Woollen scarf" said the sign. Inside the label said Wool 30%, Mohair 10%, Polyamid 60%.
THAT IS NOT A WOOLLEN SCARF! this is a polyamid scarf with some wool fibres!@
It does not keep you warm in -10 degrees celcius.

So we started the hunt for a woollen scarf. We found none! Max 60% wool. Where are the customers? Are they sleeping while shopping! don´t they want to keep warm- or are they just caring for the tiny brand stuck onto the product?

Well - end of story - we bought Yarn in Garnoasen in Silkeborg - and I Knitted a scarf for my man. In his chosen colours.

Jacket for Sofie

Geilsk has so many fantastic creations. Livstykkejakken is a great jacket for my youngest daughter. Easy to use un top of a thin blouse or T-shirt - and nice enough to use over a dress.

Wool/cotton mix from Geilsk is just perfect. Not to warm- but warm enough.

Thights for the little one

Many of the knitted pants for babies are so wide that our tiny granddaughter would niot be able to keep the pants up. So I just took a traditional recipe for wollen pants and used the same number of stitches but knitted rib instead of stockinet.

The result is a narrower pair of pants that are really flexible.

Dachs Sweather for YR

In the summer 2012 I went to a knitting festival in Silkeborg. I knew I was going to be a grandmother later that year - so I looked for a cute project and some really good yarn.
I found both.

The result is a jacket with a dog stretching from front to front. And a pair of trousers made of the left-over yarn.

Folklore Jacket - Christel Seyfarth

When I visited the knitting festival at Fanø September 2011 - I bought yarn and recipe to knit a jacket. It took some time to get started - loads of small project that was easier got the priority. But when I finally started it was a fun project.
Now the jacket is finnished - and I have already used it a lot.

Socks for my daughters

Sandnes has this nice warm alpacca wool strengthened so it is feasable for socks. The pattern is from Drops Design Christmas Calendar.

So three almost identical pair of these.