Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knitted patchwork blanket

From time to time, when travelling, I scan the shelves in the magazine stores.
Most of the time it is gossip, cars, sex, photo, music or game magazine that dominate the content. Once I ran into this little airport shop with 4 different knitting magazines. Obviously, I ended up buying all of them, it is so rare I find that kind of magazines.

While flipping through the "Knit simply" winter edition 2006 I saw a patchwork log cabin blanket.

I got inspired from the simplicity of it, combined with the fact that it was quit nice. The pattern had 3x4 squares. Off course, competitive that I am, I am aiming for 6X8.
And I am going to felt it when it is all done. Sure. I'll run the risk of all the work either being worth wile or end up as a catastrophe. Risk taking for sure...
The technique in each square is quit simple. I start with 10 stitches, knit a square (20 rows). Changes colour and continue. Then put the stitches on a thread or spare needle while turning the work side wise and pick up 20 stitches and knit in colour 2.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hat and mittens, scarf and socks

Sofie found this yarn in a shop and asked me to knit a set of baby clothes for her new cousin that are due any moment now. She found this yarn childish so it fitted a baby. I liked the colours, and the fact that they were gender neutral.

So we decided on this little hat and a pair of gloves. The we expanded the set with a scarf and a pair of socks. She looks forward to see the outfit on the baby.

Tone's hat

My niece Tone was visiting this weekend together with her sister Marita and Didrik a younger brother. It is not a long time til Maritas birthday is up, and thereafter Tone's. So I offered the girls that they could pick some ear rings from a collection I bought. Marita founs some, but none of them were Tone's style. So I asked what else I could give her - money would not be an option. We agreed that I should make her a hat.

So Tone decided how it was going to be, the colours, and shape, and I made her the hat.

Dragon scarf

I once saw a photo og a dragon scarf on internet. When I wanted to knit something for my young nephews they find that most patterns are "girly" and most of the stuff in books and magazines are for girls. So I decided to make my own dragon scarf for them. To take a picture I hade to persuade Sofie, my youngest daughter to pose. No need to say - she found the scarf to boyish and were not happy at all.
I hope the boys will like a scarf like this. I will wait for a responce.

Preparing to become an aunt again

I am going to become an aunt again. my younger brother Jimmy got married this summer and any day now they will have a baby boy arriving. So I decided to knit an outfir for a real little man.

I made a jacket that are traditionally knitted in one piece and in one colour. Instead of traditionally baby colours I choose light and dark grey and brightened it up with some stripes in red.

The outfit has now been shipped off to the mother to be so she can decide whether she likes it or not. There isa possibility that the bright red baby hat missed the target, but I liked it.