Wednesday, December 10, 2014

baby blanket

This is made of loads of leftover sisu yarn. 40-45 grams of each of the colours.
Casted on the knitting machine, used a pre punched standard punchcard.
Changed colours every now and then.

Afterwards- knitted around the edges to prevent the worst curls.

Marron scarf

at Svithun Husflidslag
 I tried to understand the basics, but struggled to start the project. After spending one hour with trials and failure just to cast on, I finally nailed it, and could get started. And from the, it went ok until binding off...I ended up with transferring the stitches to a long circular needle, bringing them home and knit end and beginning together to form a wide cowl.

Light and easy

Socks on knitting machine

I have often wondered. How do you make socks on a flat bed knitting machine? The heel? The toe?

The rib?

I found a description on line, and here i tried it. Not perfect, but ok.
A few alterations I will try on the next pair.

Regia sock yarn

"Knap nok" tweed jacket for my mother

My mother used to knit, crothed etc. After breast cancer, she can no longer enjoy these hobbies. So I decided to knit her a jacket in my favourite yarn. Geilsk Tweed. We looked at the web page, and she liked the model "Knap nok" and she wanted a grey tweed jacket. 

And as I understood it, 10 different buttons- was just not her thing. So this jacket is with handmade buttons from Ellastikk.

The model is knitted top down
With some discrete lace patterns

I hope she enjoys it

Norwegian flag- baby blanket

I know a personal trainer from the UK. With a friend that had a baby. Normally I do not knit when asked to, and never for sale. But to knit a baby blanket as a small extra project was ok.

I started with only a slight idea of where to put the flag. And to use intarsia to keep it nice on both sides and elastic. And then I started in one corner.

At the end I knitted an airy edge around the whole blanket- from each side. And made four dominoknitted corners.

Geilsk thin wool

Blue scarf

I have started to use a knitting machine at Svithun Husflidslag. With punchcard. So here is the first scarf I made after having attended a course there.

Blue Alf yarn from Hifa.

The scarf hanging from the machine. 

  Worked to get these nice edges on the scarf.

And now- ready to use.

Single bed machine, Tuck stich. 

Yellow Owl

We had the pleasuer of spending a weekend with our little grand daughter and my mother in law this fall. We took my mother in law to a factory outlet with yarn. The little granddaughter being very used to grandma knitting for her, went in to the shop and looked around. She found Yellow yarn. "Yellow" she sad very enthusiastic. And then she started to look around the yarn store. "No OWL?" And I remembered that I had her with me when we went to another shop where there were several knitten owls. We fount an owl patter. Bought the yarn. And now she has a yellow owl sweather.

Knitted in Ulrika from Svarta fåret.