Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alpacca jacket

I spent my knitting time this summer on knitting an alpacca jacket I found on "Drops". In September, when I was finally done and attached to to sleeves to the fornta and the back and tried it on - it was to wide! The jacket I had put so much effort into was not for me. My mother was visisting at the time, and tried it on - no she has a nice warm alpacca jacket that fits her. I guess I have to do another in a smaller size.

Knitted gloves

It is cold. I have been knitting gloves lately. One pair for Marte, one pair for Sofie, one for a friend of mine, Hilde and now a pair for myself. Nice and warm, and not itcing at all.

The yarn used is Cherry Tree Hill bought in London at I Knit London. Lovely shop, and lovely yarn. 100% Merino wool

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sofie's jacket is assembled.

I have now assembled the jacket. I decided too make an orange edge around the neck and in front to brighten it up more. The only thing lacking now is buttons, and that should be fairly easy.

Sisu yarn made it soft, light and warm. I guess that some gloves and a hat would be good accessories.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fanakofte - traditional Norwegian pattern

Sofie and I are living in Lagos. No use for wollen clothes here. But we are moving back to Stavanger in August, and Sofie will need wollen jackets then. She has grown so much this year, that new clothes are required. I offered to knit her a sweater of her choice. She chose a traditional knittet jacket from Fana, normally seen in dark blue and white, grey and white or possible red and white.

Sofie insisted on orange and red. I must admit I thought this would be two too bright colours together, but I had promised. So I have now knitted the sleeves and the body and are going to assemble the sweather soon. I have opened the body for front and sleeves, and cut out the neck. It will be finnished before August.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sofie's orange jakket

Last July while we were in Denmark on vacation Sofie asked me to knit her skirt and top in yellow, and a cardigan in orange. She went with me to the shop and picked the colors she wanted. I hesitated since I belived the colours would be to brigth. Sofie responded that colours could not be to bright for her. Based on the photo of her in a Nigerian outfit with her cardigan on top, I guess she has proven me wrong.
Well, I made the set in yellow, which she is frequently using, and started on that cardigan. It took some time, and I just had to do a few smaller projects while doing it. But now it is done, and she is using it.
Recipe and yarn were from the Danish company "Hjertegarn" and luckily Danish and Norwegian are so close as written languages that there were only one word I had to google to find out what to do.

Details from the top part of the cardigan.

Details from the front.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something warm while travelling

I am travelling a bit back and forth between Nigeria and Norway, and when I am in Norway I am not necessary in my hometown and my home. So a couple of times I have been so cold, particular on the feets. So last time I was in Trondheim I bought a ready-to-knit set at the airport and knitted me slippers that travel easy.
Warm, woollen slippers that do not take up a lot of space in the suitcase. And they fit relatively well on the feet, so I am happy.

Sofie's set is complete

There were a lot of work, but not to difficult, to make the skirt. As long as I payed attention everything went well. But several time I had knitted to long before changing pattern, and had to re do it again. But the girl is happy. She likes the set, and it is good for her in this climate.