Monday, December 9, 2013

Yr's little "Orange is the new black" or "Easy to find" sweather

I went on the big dangerous Internet and ordered yarn for machine knitting. Hillesvåg.  The colours were so nice on my screen. The the parcel arrived. Ohhhh is that this orange colour? Checking the code- yes :-( There were no mistake- the screen lied)

Ok Thinking- thinking- Enough yarn for a little sweather. A Carrot coloured dark is YR really? Can she wear an ORANGE- screaming orange sweather without looking really pale?

I will try.
Or I can send it to some poor kids in a cold country.

Now it is finnished. Or almost. Lacking buttons. May be it needs some more brown stripes to make it more retro and less carrot?

At least I became friend with my knitting machine.

Hat with bubbles

 It seems like they have all gone "bubbly" - There are bubbles on hats, sweathers and blankets. After a while it becomes contagious. I just had to make a bubble-hat. Debbie Bliss Rialto DK. Supersoft and 100% wool.
Christmas gift for someone- so no name mentioned.

Sofie's yellow glitter socks

Same as my pink feminine socks- just with a yellow woollen yarn with some glitter.
A perfect gift for my colour loving daugther.

My feminine wintersocks

 When I was in London I had to go by I Knit London. I found some pink sock yarn i really liked. So here is my feminine wintersocks. Nice and warm. Knitted like the spring socks, but with three rows of flowers on top.



Socks - for springtime

I went to London for a Conference with my work. Great little project for travelling, socks. Just before travelling I had visited a local knitting workshop with Arne and Carlos- and I had to buy some lovely sock yarn from a local small yarn shop "God som Ull", Filcolana Arwetta.
I decided that with these colours- it needed to be socks for me to use when spring comes.
After knittet a pair of socks for me- there were more yarn available- so I knittet a pair of sock siz 1 year- for my granddaughter.
I really enjoyen stating the socks with small flowers instead of the traditional rib.