Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buff, knitted collar, or what?

I have just finnished another small project, bought in Denmark this fall. A knitted "buff" or "scarf" or loose neck to keep the cold winter weather away.

This is made in a thin delicat, grey woollen yarn. At the bottom there is a thin leaf pattern running around the "neck". The rest is just pure stockinett stiches.

Now, it is in the washing machine for (hopefully) some light felting.

Knitted socks, Livstykkesokker - from Geilsk

I really like much of the new Danish Knitting design. Socks, in a cooler layout, with a good fit to almost anybody is "Livstykkesokker" from Geilsk.

I had 140 grams of red and black Kauni yarn bought in Silkeborg this summer. And I know how warn and firm that yarn is, perfect for socks, I think. i like the colour mix in this yarn, and look forward to presenting this pair for a special young lady in the family.

So the first sock is done, and almost done with the second sock.

More knitted mittens

Out walking the dog in the wintertime. i remember that area of my arm that would become cold, the area between my mittens and the sleeve of my jacket when bending to pick up dog poop, or throwing stick or other important stuff you do when you have a dog.

Now we do not have a dog anymore. And Her Royal Highness, the Empress of Våland would not be happy with her staff if the staff would throw sticks and expect her to fetch it...or if the staffed dared to be outside and bother the cat.

But my Daugther Rigmor has a dog, and lives in Oslo, So these are for her when walking the dog.

The extend really far up under the jacket sleeve, and are colourful enough to find :-) A smaller change to the original:

Granny squares

I never have been any good at crotheting. So when almost all workshops at Fanø knitting festival were sold out, I decided to attend a workshop in making Granny squares. And it was extremely easy and relaxing.

Back home, it came handy when I was left with lots of small yarn left-over after producing mittens for gifts. All the same yarn quality, and in colours not to far from each other.

After having used most ogf the yarn and produced 18 squares, I had to start thinking what I could use these squares for. To little yarn to make a blanket, but enough for a cushion for the sofa. Due to my darling husbands panick for to soft and cuddly stuff, I made bothe the front and the back of the pillow with Granny squares, so he wouldn't have to live with two colourful cushions on the sofa.

Wrist warmers

I have made wrist warmers in grey yarn from yaks, bought at the Fanø knitting festival. At the same festival there were another set (really there were many) I liked. I bought the kit to make feltet wristwarmers. It was the same thin wollen yarn used for the baby blouse, but in more lively colours.

When I had followed the measures in the recipe, I was wondering if they would felt enough to fit me.

After finnishing them, I took the chance of felting them in the washing machine. It went fine, and the final product are in use. I love the warm feeling.

Baby blouse

When we were in Denmark in September for the Knitting Festival at Fanø, we found several small projects. Among the ones I picked (liked enough to buy a kit) where this baby blouse.

It is made in really thin wool. It is knittet on knitting needles 3,5 which provide a lot of air to the final product.

Now I need some baby friendly buttons to sew in the blouse, and may be a grand child to give it to? Or maybe one of my nephews or nieces are having a baby? Time will show.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Japanese yarn bought from "Tante Grønn" in Denmark

Another result of the knitting festival is a "scarf" in silk/iron quality from Japan. I knitted it as told by the recipe, and you can bend, fold, strech it, so it shapes as you would like it to.
It was a bit like knitting with thread for a sewing machine...and I am not sure that I will ever use the resulting scarf, since I am not very good at "decorating" outfits.

Time will show.

My flower power jacket - extra part needed

Due to my recless way of felting my big project, I needed to make some wristwarmers for the Flower Power Jacket.
Luckily there were leftover yarns in amounts good enough for wrist warmers. (And for more small stuff).
I used the smaller flower parts of the patterns and the start of the jacket as pattern.
And I made them big so I could felt them.

I am happy with the result.

Wrist warmers

When we where in Denmark on the Knitting festival - I ended up buying loads of new knitting projects. One of them was wrist warmers made by wool from Yaks.
(Sorry - I am not joking - 50 grams of nicely spun, thin yarn from Yaks)
With the yarn there were a great pattern for Wrist warmers. So I knitted a pair as my travelling knitting project.
The result is:
They are just always keeping the right temperature. Never to warm or cold, in the office or outdoor.
Amasing quality.
Easy design.

So now I need to find out more about this yarn.

When I was done with mine, Sofie also wanted some.

I did not have more yarn (Well some, but not enough) so I used the same thin yarn as her socks were made of. And the result was satisfying.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Baby sweather with kittens

I really have "discovered" loads of Danish knitting designers the last year! This sweather from Isager I had to knit, even if I do not have a baby or a grand child. So the neighbour kid will get a sweather for sure.

I know I would like these kittens on some garment to my self...but not in this amount. I will need to work out a good idea here.

Sofie will for sure love these on a sweather, but the whole sweather? Not sure.

For a small child on a small sweather, I think it is nice.

The pattern was a bit difficult to knit, I was not able to find a rythm in the pattern while knitting. I needed to count and keep counting.

Knit one below

I went to the Knitting festival in Fanø in September with two friends. We had great weather, good work shops and delicious foods. We meet great people and returned with loads of inspirations.

One workshop I went to was named Knit One Below and we learned a technique to knit with two colours, one colour at the time, creating columns of colours.

I tested this out at home with some leftover yarn from a pair of mittens I made.

So this is how it looked by my first trial.

I think these will become nice wrist warmers.

Sofie's new socks

My youngest daughter Sofie is just growing up to fast. Her wollen socks are getting to small. And she is already cold going out into the rain with her big rubber boots. SO then I have made a special pair for her in thin sock yarn that changes colour.

Since she is so long and slim, I chose to make a kind of rib-socks, but make them smooth under the foot.

The colour changing in this yarn was different from what I was used to - so I gave up creating two similar socks, but created them more on the basis "Same Same but Different"

Mittens - from Randi K. design

When it comes towards winter, I like to make sure that we are all well equiped and ready for the coming cold days. Mittens are useful, but easily misplaced. So this time, knitted in a not to traditional pattern and bright colours.

I do like the traditional Norwegian Mittens...but I do like variations in colour and patterns.

So I was happy to find Randi K. design. So now I have bought knitting recipes and knitted two pair of mittens. Pink and spring-green.

The green are for a friend moving over to Canada to enjoy the cold winter further east instead of here in Norway. I know they fit her - she tried them already.

My Flower Power jacket

I did finnish my FlowerPower Jacket. The process consisted of lots and lots of work, and an idea of how lovely it would be when i was done. And when I finally was done with all the parts - It was far to big for me :-( It did not look nice at all.

I brougth the big jacket with me to Stavanger "Strikk og Drikk" at Cardinal Pub and asked the experienced knitting ladies at the pub for advise.
Felt it by hand and with lot of care - they said.

I was told how to do this, and I tried, and I worked the jacket between cold and warm soapy water...for a long time, but nothing happened with the jacket except getting heavier and heavier with water. At the end my arms were aching and both me, the floor and everything surrounding us was wet. And I was really frustrated.

I ended up felting it in the washing machine! First time at 40 degrees - but the jacket seemed to have been vaccinated against felting in the process. Then I did it again on 50 degrees Celsius....and then it was to small!

I stretched it as best I could when it was wet - and the result was OK. And this jacket is what I wore in Denmark on Fanø Knitting festival in September.

My Basker

This summer in June I stumpled upon a recipe and yarn for a basker hat in a small knittingshop in Silkeborg in Denmark. I had to knit this version of a basker, so I baught the yarn and started one for myself.

It is knittet on knitting needles no 3, wollen yarn. The recipe can be found on Ravelry:

When I came home from vacation, I went on a business trip to Svalbard, and brought with me yarn to knit a basker for my daughter. But she is 11, and for to old for pink - I was told. So her basker is in Red and Black.

And then finally a more masculine version for my darling Husband :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mittens - again

I actually started these mittens as a travelling project in Januay. You know - a small easy transportable project to bring along while travelling. But luckily I have not travelled that much - so I finished them while we went to Denmark this Easter.

the Yarn is two threaded wool from Rauma - left-over Yarn. To Make the mittens real warm for the lady they are intended two - I have used two coloures as much as possible, and fair isle knitting technique.

I have made the pattern my self, based on traditional Norwegian patterns.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flower power jacket

I am still working on my Christel Seyfarth Flower power jacket project. It takes some time.
There are appr. 20 different colours involved, and three basic patters. But it takes time to knit it all.

So here are the progress so far. Done with the main part of the jacket, and both arms.

Sofie´s woolen scarf

Sofie is always getting up early in the weekend. Well, not earlier that everyday, but she is normally up and about at 7 in the morning saturday and sundays. I m not. So normally I find her reading a book, playing with the computer or watching TV, and always a bit cold.

I knittet a scarf in some Sofie friendly colours, so now she stays warm in the mornings.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moebius knitted scarf

I had this great yarn from Denmark, yellow, orange and red, and approximately 140 grams. To bad to use it on socks...probably not ideal for a hat....but a Mobius scarf.

So then I tried to make one, but became uncertain whether it would be long enough. So I started again , this time with plenty more stitches. It is long enough, actually a bit long I think. Three time around the neck. But it works nice with my coat, and 100% wool keeps me warm in the cold, cold Norwegian winter.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sofie's knitted hoodie

We went to Denmark several times last year, due to the building of our cottage. At one of the trips I took a friend with me to Silkeborg to do some shopping of Danish knitting designs and yarns. I ended up with a huge knitting project called the Flower Power jacket (still working on it - it will be posted when it is done!) designed by Christel Seyfarth.

And I bought some nice, soft, lambs wool and a easy knitting design from
That lovely red yarn is now turned into Sofie's new red hoodie. It is rib and stockinette in a nice combination. It took some hours, but was worth the effort when I see that she likes it. She has practically lived in it since it was done.