Monday, December 9, 2013

Yr's little "Orange is the new black" or "Easy to find" sweather

I went on the big dangerous Internet and ordered yarn for machine knitting. Hillesvåg.  The colours were so nice on my screen. The the parcel arrived. Ohhhh is that this orange colour? Checking the code- yes :-( There were no mistake- the screen lied)

Ok Thinking- thinking- Enough yarn for a little sweather. A Carrot coloured dark is YR really? Can she wear an ORANGE- screaming orange sweather without looking really pale?

I will try.
Or I can send it to some poor kids in a cold country.

Now it is finnished. Or almost. Lacking buttons. May be it needs some more brown stripes to make it more retro and less carrot?

At least I became friend with my knitting machine.

Hat with bubbles

 It seems like they have all gone "bubbly" - There are bubbles on hats, sweathers and blankets. After a while it becomes contagious. I just had to make a bubble-hat. Debbie Bliss Rialto DK. Supersoft and 100% wool.
Christmas gift for someone- so no name mentioned.

Sofie's yellow glitter socks

Same as my pink feminine socks- just with a yellow woollen yarn with some glitter.
A perfect gift for my colour loving daugther.

My feminine wintersocks

 When I was in London I had to go by I Knit London. I found some pink sock yarn i really liked. So here is my feminine wintersocks. Nice and warm. Knitted like the spring socks, but with three rows of flowers on top.



Socks - for springtime

I went to London for a Conference with my work. Great little project for travelling, socks. Just before travelling I had visited a local knitting workshop with Arne and Carlos- and I had to buy some lovely sock yarn from a local small yarn shop "God som Ull", Filcolana Arwetta.
I decided that with these colours- it needed to be socks for me to use when spring comes.
After knittet a pair of socks for me- there were more yarn available- so I knittet a pair of sock siz 1 year- for my granddaughter.
I really enjoyen stating the socks with small flowers instead of the traditional rib.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Knitting machine!!!!!!!!

I have a good friend who have lived in Canada for a time. She has helped me procuring a toy for us knitters. A knitting machine. I will still do most knitting by hand, but still- I really would like to explore "THE KNITTING MACHINE". Silverreed LK150.

I am not specifically patient.
Luckily I am rather technical.

So- I made this child sweather in Drops Alpakka while exploring the machine.

How to make a nice start and prevent the stockinet to curl?
How to change yarn?
How to descrease?
How to increase?
How to pick up dropped stitches?
How to transfer stitches to knitting needles?

So far: learning: Difficult to find nice recipes?
Forget about knitting in the round- think back, front, sleeves, sew together.

The neck made by handknitting.

Now- I need to find out what size of kid that fits the sweather.

By the way- My own design :-)


This fall Stavanger Strikk and Drikk arranged for Bente Geil to come to Stavanger and hold 3 workshops for us. All workshops went great and we all learned new techniques and got inspired.
This jacket is knitted in Geilsk wool and hemp. The Pattern is called "Jomfruhummer"- weird name but lovely jacket. My challenge was- after knitting it- finding nice and cool buttons. Found it finally.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Busy weekend

This has been an ultimate knitting weekend. Starting Thursday evening with the monthly gathering at Cardinal Pub in Stavanger with more than 30 knitting ladies turning up to have a drink or two while enjoying their hobby. This time we had Bente Geil from Geilsk visiting and joining us.

While we were at the pub my oldest daughter, son-in-law and little grandchild came by to stay while they were looking for places to live when moving to Stavanger. Our darling grandchild received her red winterhat, which she is wearing at this picture- First time in a sandbox.

Friday we had a workshop from 6pm to 9 pm where we learnded useful techniques for edging of the knitted work, for starting with beautiful edges.

Saturday we worked on brioche techniques in the morning and in the afternoon we worked on long stiches and knitting knots, flowers etc. An ispiring and good teacher: Bente Geil.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another woollen hat for Yr

After a jacket project (still waiting for buttons) I had som leftover yarn.
What better to do than make a tiny hat for Yr- I knitted size 9-12 month since she is not that big for her age.

Knitted jacket for YR

Cotton jacket for little Yr.
After knitting a dress to Yr in lighter shade of purple, I decided to knit a darker jacket with the same pattern, form the same book. "Babystrik på pinde 3"- model Bella.

Easy and fun project.


What does the fox say?

Lately Ylvis has had a weird song hitting home run. "Everybody" knows the song "What does the fox say?", it's gone viral. So is socks, mittens, hats with a fox theme.

When I saw this recipe, I knew that I needed to make one for Sofie.
I went to Garnkilden and bought a kit.
She used the hat, and then forgot it while visiting my parents.
Well, I guess I need to go to the post office and retreive it.
Wa pa pa pa pa pa pow!

Politically correct bunny rabbit

At the Knitting festival at Fanø, I visited ""'s stand. They have lovely yarn and nice patterns. This time a bunnyrabbit was my choice. Crotheting needle, recipe and Lama wool.

i am a knitter, crotheting is hard for me. But I managed.

The end result was shipped to Oslo to my granddaughter.
Now she can play with a toy NOT MADE IN CHINA, not made of synthetic materials, not produced in a sweath shop, not made by child labour, not made bu political prisoners, not made by flamable material. Even the inside (The stuffing) is wool.

Little red riding hood

Winter is approaching. So far the fall has been more "summer" than most summers here on the west coast. But soon the cold weather will strike.
I am so lucky to have a beautiful little grand daugther, Yr. And I keep knitting woolly things for her. In soft Merino wool, absolutely not scratchy, I made this "Pixie hat". When they are so young (<1year and="" do="" drop="" gloves="" ground.="" hats="" it="" on="" or="" p="" remove="" the="" their="" they="" whatever="">
This model ensures a good fit. It covers ears and neck. And it is harder to remove for the little hands, but easy for parents to put on the child. I was planning to knit a grey one, but when I saw this nice red colour- I could not resist a little red riding hood hat. Recipe from Hjertegarn.


I went to the Knitting festival at Fanø.
As usual, it was a hazzle to sign on to any workshop, but I was able to sign on to Lene Holme Samsø's workshop about knitting a Piece symbol.
At the workshop I was able to make one Fingerless glove. I used Thin wool from Geilsk.

There are only so many fingerless gloves a person needs, so when they where done I gave them to my brothers girlfriend. She can use them, she spends a lot of time outdoors with her horses.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sofies Girl power jacket finnished

Finnally it is finnished.
The left over Yarn jacket for Sofie.
Very colourful.
With a clear message: Girls just want to have FUNdamental human rights.

A Crown for the Princess

Little princesses do not always want to wear a warm hat to pre school.
Little princesses are very aware of their age.

My nephew has an adorable little princess. She just turned 3 years.
In the softest Merino wool I could find, with the colour closest to gold, I knittet a "crown".
It covers the ears well, and most of her little head.
It has 3 "diamonds" sewn to the front.

I just made it by starting with 25 stitches on knitting needle 3.
Increasing and decreasing to create the shape.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jacket in leftover yarn

After knitting the Seyfarth Folklore jacket and the Flower power, I had a serious amount of good quality thin wool in many colours. Too good not to be used, to colourful to be easy to find a good way of using the yarn.
I have a 12 year old that loves colours-so I decided to aim at a cardican for her- with a very basic pattern repeated in different colours.
 At the same time, I would like to make a statement. Thinking about Pussy Riot in prison for singing, Norwegian girl being put to prison because she was raped in Saudia Arabia - and they "played" the Sex without being married card to put the victim in prison. I would like my girl to be aware these incidents- and keep on fighting for fundamental human rights for girl worldwide. So I am mixing that into the cardigan.
Lets hope I do not run out of yarn...and that the garment fits

Bredbånd - finnished

I was able to finnish the Swaether "bredbånd" from Geilsk. I followed the pattern - and in the process it struck me- hmmm wonder if this is not to short for me....but then again _ let me follow the recipe.
I am a bit over average tall- and after finnishing this jacket - I will knit a new for me- this time writing down how much longer the arms needs to be- how many extra stripes from the waistband to the arms (4!) I need to knit for myself. Will order new yarn from Geilsk now.

Great jacket-great project - and I hope I have a daughter that will love the jacket.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Started on my "bredbånd" jacket from Geilsk

I have finally started on my Bredbånd jacket from Geilsk. In thin wool.and it feels great.

Just hoping I will do it in the correct size - I have missed badly before.

Tunic or dress?

Lene Holme Samsøe has made this brilliand book with recipes for baby clothes - all are to be knitted with needles number 3. I totaaly fell for Bella baby and knitted the Tunic. But it was not exactly as I had envisioned it. A bit to narrow.

Bu I guess I was thinking more Dress than Tunic. So I gave this to a young colleague expecting a baby girl.

Then I started over - wanted the same start - but making it wider. I added some wedges- two in front at two in the back - at the same time as I kept the increase in the sides as described in the recipe. The result:? I am happy :-)

Smutthull from Geilsk

I love knitting the stuff from Geilsk.
Fun - good quality yarn, recipes that normally makes sewing a rare thing.
Smutthull is a fun sweather for kids.
I made one in the smallest size - so it is ready for Yr when she gets to the colder weather in the fall.
I chose a rather light colour of the tweed- with white "smutthull" - may be I should have used several different colours on the smutthulls?

Sofie's new wistwarmers

Sofie is playong the flute in the schoolband. They have a dark blue uniform, and wear black shoes and socks. Playing the flute in the spring in the western part of Norway can be a cold and wet experience. So she has some wristwarmers in bright colours she has used for practice.

But the independence day, May 17th, the needed black or dark blue wristwarmers if any. So - please mum - knit some for me.

I have this easy and fun pattern from Denmark I have used before - so I used it again - this time in thicker, black wool.

Rauma wool.

And she was happy -and has used them.

Yet another retro sweather for grannys little darling

I had some "babyull" from Gjesdal in my huge pile of yarn that needs to be knitted before I can start on anything new....

I used the same old pattern mentioned in an earlier blogpost but this time i made it 6 stiches longer to make sure that the growing baby could use it a while.

and she looks so cute in it :-)

Hat in "virgin merino wool"

WHen I was done with the retro sweather for Yr - I did what I was determined not to do - I went to Silkeborg and visited Garn Oasen and ended up with some delicious yarn. Soft, wool - nice red colour. I had just lost a hat -forgot it on the ferry :-( 

SO then I just started out knitting a hat.
For my self.

No recipe.

Trial and error.

Retro sweather for Yr

In a magasine from 1963 I found a lovely sweather for babies/small children. I liked the basic design, puse and simple and straight forward.

So - with some wool/silk yarn from Duo- I used the easter holiday to make this little sweather. The rib in top makes it go nice around the shoulders. The decreasing is done in the gurter stiches and are close to invisible.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Retro for Yr

I have an old "Alt for Damene" knitting magazine. Fantastic patterns for small babies.
Among all the patterns there was a few "I have to make this" sweathers and blouses.

Starting out with the yarn available- Duo Wool/silk bought in Denmark a few weeks ago, this is the result. I hope it will fit - I was so tiny - even if it was marked 3 - 5 months. The blouset ended up a bit darker than optimal - but I think Yr is dark enough to wear it.

It was fairly easy to make. I started out with 60 stitches - knitting back and forth. Every second time I stopped before the last 14, turned the work around, thread over and knitted back. Next time i knitted the thread-over stitch together with the 14th last stitch and continued over all the stitches.

After repeating this 8 times I made twelve rounds following a basic pattern and continued to the first sleeve. Knitted the top 22 stitches- putting the rest onto a thread for later, adden stitches so I again had 60. The downmost 9 narrowing in by every third time I arrived there I turned the work.

At the end- crotcheting around the neck to allow a twisted thread finnishing the neckline off.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jacket, hat and socks in leftover yarn

The wool/silk from Duo is a fantastic yarn to knit with., I really love it. My daughter bought some and made a baby blanket - crocheted in squares. I had used the same colour for a babyrib with owl buttons. So - there where leftover yarn.
I started out with a jacket. Just made up as I went along. Started with the cack - increased to create the sleeves- then descreased again and added an edgen for buttons and one for holes.
Still there were more yarn. So I made a little hat. Livstykkehjelm from Geilsk.

And with more yarn - a pair of very small socks, for a tiny foot.

So - this set with jacket, hat and socks is made of leftover yarn - and I still have some. Just need to get a good idea of a leftoveryarn project.

The recipient - Yr

Here is my darling grand daughter in a creation from grandmother. This version has kept the original length of the sleeves, but added some stitches in front for buttons and buttonholes.

Baby in rib - extended

I have by now knitted several baby in rib for And I have made some alterations to the pattern.  Most of them I increased the number of stitches in the front (neckline) to allow for some buttons. I have also continued the ragland knitting to create long sleeves. This version is knitted in baby alpacca/silk mix. And for variation - knitted in two colours. The project only used parts of two yarn skains- so again - left with some remnant yarn. Size 3 months.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scarf for the old man

Olav finally got around to buying a nice woollen "coat" to use over his suit. Then he found a scarf in the same shop. "Woollen scarf" said the sign. Inside the label said Wool 30%, Mohair 10%, Polyamid 60%.
THAT IS NOT A WOOLLEN SCARF! this is a polyamid scarf with some wool fibres!@
It does not keep you warm in -10 degrees celcius.

So we started the hunt for a woollen scarf. We found none! Max 60% wool. Where are the customers? Are they sleeping while shopping! don´t they want to keep warm- or are they just caring for the tiny brand stuck onto the product?

Well - end of story - we bought Yarn in Garnoasen in Silkeborg - and I Knitted a scarf for my man. In his chosen colours.