Friday, September 12, 2014

Gloves for Sofie

Almost a year ago I made some yellow socks for Sofie in a yellow glittering sock yarn.
I hoped that the leftover yarn would last for a pair of gloves. I did. With only 3 meters of yarn left.

She has grown up so quick. Her fingers are longer than mine, she is probably taller than me now.
I did not have a pattern for mittens at hand, so these are knitted to fit the drawings of a hand in the right size.
Straight ahead.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cowl - a nice travelling project

I normally end up with minimum three knitting projects.
1) Sitting on the coach knitting, talking, watching TV, Being social--> not to complicated knitting
2) Please leave me alone- I am counting, trying to figure it out - knitting. --> learning a new technique knitting
3) travelling - easy to carry and transport

Going to Bornholm I had a pair of yellow gloves as travelling knitting. Knitting fingers on gloves with many needles are not the best travelling knitting, so I went to Garnkilden and bought two knitting kits from Hifa. Molly hat and a cowl. In nice red 100% Hifa wool.

Travelling on the plane--> knitting on the cowl
Travelling on the bus from Copenhagen to Ystad --> knitting on  the cowl
Travelling with the ferry, Ystad -Rønne --> Knitting on the mittens

Knitting two mittens at the same time

After having learned to knit two socks at the same time, on circular needles it was tempting to try the same with mittens.  After socks size 2 years there were more of the Arwetta Classic yarn in bright yellow.

Starting with 16 stitches on top, increasing to 40.
then knitting until the length of the mitten above the thumb.

Knitting two at the same time: will never make two right mittens again,

Knitting two sock on circular needles, from toe and up

I have just returned from a knitting festival at Bornholm.
Together with some friends I attended a workshop with Lene Randorff - knitting two socks at the same time.

Starting from the toe of the socks
Knitting socks on circular needles
Both new to me, but a very cool way to knit socks.

First we knitted some very small socks so we would make it to the heel before the workshop was over.
Then we were given the advice to not wait to long to use the technique again. So I bought some Arwetta classic and knitted a pair of socks size 2 years. In brigth yellow to someone who loves yellow.

Penguin or owl?

Long time ago, when Yr was to small to enjoy a penguin outfir, I went to Garnkilden and bought the yarn and recipe to make this outfit.

The outfit comes in four parets. A hooded suit, a hat, socks and mittens.
So when put on the kid- they are suppoised to look like a little penguin toddling around.

My little granddaughter was thrilled over the hat (the rest did not get any attention).
"Oggla" (Owl) she exclaimed, put the hat on backwards and went for her shoes.

Pattern is from Dala Garn

Easy and fun knitting project.

Left over yarn - hønsestrikk

I had several small ball of leftover yarns in Geilsk tweed form different projects.
So I decided to make a sweather for Yr for colder days in fall and winter.
I know she loved our cat, and their dog- so I found patterns reminding of dogs, and a good pattern for cat.

The sweather is knitted from the top and down. I made the sleeves extra long with a small edge to make them easier to fold up, and stay up.

Well she tried it on, and it is a bit big- but not enormous.

And the fun part...she decided the the sheep looked like their furry dog.

Babyblanket as swatch

Again- testing the knitting machine.
Using the whole with
Testing different way of tuck-stiches.

Merino wool

At the end I crotheted several rows all around the blanket.
At least it will keep the baby warm.

For one of my nieces

There is a real babyboom going on in the family these days. Nephews and nieces are having babies within a short interwall.

So for one of them, having a girl- I made this little sweather in thin wool from Duo.

I am still trying to get on friendly terms with the knitting machine- and I was able to knit this very basic sweather on it without getting to frustrated.

But- finding buttons to match the colours- well just forget it and find several different ones instead.

Knitted jacket for Yr

This summer har been really warm, but in the beginning of the summer I believed there would be some chilly evenings where the little one could benefit from a jacket. So I bought some Geilsk hemp and wool yarn and made her a jacket.