Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alpacca jacket

I spent my knitting time this summer on knitting an alpacca jacket I found on "Drops". In September, when I was finally done and attached to to sleeves to the fornta and the back and tried it on - it was to wide! The jacket I had put so much effort into was not for me. My mother was visisting at the time, and tried it on - no she has a nice warm alpacca jacket that fits her. I guess I have to do another in a smaller size.

Knitted gloves

It is cold. I have been knitting gloves lately. One pair for Marte, one pair for Sofie, one for a friend of mine, Hilde and now a pair for myself. Nice and warm, and not itcing at all.

The yarn used is Cherry Tree Hill bought in London at I Knit London. Lovely shop, and lovely yarn. 100% Merino wool