Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kitchen towels

Yes I know.
It is cheaper and easier to buy them.
But if you have been to Lisboa and bought one skein of thick, yellow cotton.

this is what I was able to use it for.
At least they are easy to spot, and soft.

Babyblanket 2 and 3

Several nephews and nieces are having their firstborn this late summer/early fall.
I have already knitted one baby blanket- now number 2 and 3 are ready to go.

I have used Geilsk tweed
Two colours
Knitted og knittingneedle 4,5
To coloured patent stitches
I think it gives the blanket softnes and some air
And the two sides looks very different
One of the blankets are knitted in T13 and T14 (link)
The other in T4 and T14

Sofie's Fister Løgsovs

For Sofie I knitted the Fister Løgsovs as a size 12 years, but longer. 12 years were wide enough to give this nice fit, and I liked the colours for my colourful youngest daughter.
Geilsk Tweed
Fister Løgsovs
-strongly recommended.

Wristwarmers - Princess on the pea

"Prinsessen på erten" wristwarmers.

Spending some time in Silkeborg at my cottage with a friend, can be dangerous if not planning to do some yarnshopping. I was just going to show Alexandra some of the knittingshops in Silkeborg. Gadestrik is a small but very nice knitting shop in the centre of Silkeborg.
I ended up buying a kit for wristwarmers. From "Kastaniestrik". Never knew I was going to need that.
But when I saw the colours and the pattern- I was sold.
 I knitted a pair for me. Even though I rarely use purple colours.

I knitted for my oldest daughter.

I knitted for my youngest daughter.

Oldest and Youngest receiving their wristwarmers.

And them my lovely granddaughter got a pair of her own. That is simply just what a small toddler need :-)