Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Buff, knitted collar, or what?

I have just finnished another small project, bought in Denmark this fall. A knitted "buff" or "scarf" or loose neck to keep the cold winter weather away.

This is made in a thin delicat, grey woollen yarn. At the bottom there is a thin leaf pattern running around the "neck". The rest is just pure stockinett stiches.

Now, it is in the washing machine for (hopefully) some light felting.

Knitted socks, Livstykkesokker - from Geilsk

I really like much of the new Danish Knitting design. Socks, in a cooler layout, with a good fit to almost anybody is "Livstykkesokker" from Geilsk.

I had 140 grams of red and black Kauni yarn bought in Silkeborg this summer. And I know how warn and firm that yarn is, perfect for socks, I think. i like the colour mix in this yarn, and look forward to presenting this pair for a special young lady in the family.

So the first sock is done, and almost done with the second sock.

More knitted mittens

Out walking the dog in the wintertime. i remember that area of my arm that would become cold, the area between my mittens and the sleeve of my jacket when bending to pick up dog poop, or throwing stick or other important stuff you do when you have a dog.

Now we do not have a dog anymore. And Her Royal Highness, the Empress of Våland would not be happy with her staff if the staff would throw sticks and expect her to fetch it...or if the staffed dared to be outside and bother the cat.

But my Daugther Rigmor has a dog, and lives in Oslo, So these are for her when walking the dog.

The extend really far up under the jacket sleeve, and are colourful enough to find :-) A smaller change to the original:

Granny squares

I never have been any good at crotheting. So when almost all workshops at Fanø knitting festival were sold out, I decided to attend a workshop in making Granny squares. And it was extremely easy and relaxing.

Back home, it came handy when I was left with lots of small yarn left-over after producing mittens for gifts. All the same yarn quality, and in colours not to far from each other.

After having used most ogf the yarn and produced 18 squares, I had to start thinking what I could use these squares for. To little yarn to make a blanket, but enough for a cushion for the sofa. Due to my darling husbands panick for to soft and cuddly stuff, I made bothe the front and the back of the pillow with Granny squares, so he wouldn't have to live with two colourful cushions on the sofa.

Wrist warmers

I have made wrist warmers in grey yarn from yaks, bought at the Fanø knitting festival. At the same festival there were another set (really there were many) I liked. I bought the kit to make feltet wristwarmers. It was the same thin wollen yarn used for the baby blouse, but in more lively colours.

When I had followed the measures in the recipe, I was wondering if they would felt enough to fit me.

After finnishing them, I took the chance of felting them in the washing machine. It went fine, and the final product are in use. I love the warm feeling.

Baby blouse

When we were in Denmark in September for the Knitting Festival at Fanø, we found several small projects. Among the ones I picked (liked enough to buy a kit) where this baby blouse.

It is made in really thin wool. It is knittet on knitting needles 3,5 which provide a lot of air to the final product.

Now I need some baby friendly buttons to sew in the blouse, and may be a grand child to give it to? Or maybe one of my nephews or nieces are having a baby? Time will show.