Sunday, December 16, 2007

My rug is all done!

I have been working on a side project for some time - making a nice rug to be on the rather cold floor in our guest room in the attic. The room is green, and I wanted some nice fresh colours.

The dog is absolutely grateful for the rug - I have tried telling her it is not for her - but she does not seem to believe me. Whenever I tried to take a picture of it - she appeared in the view....

I finalized it yesterday by crotheting a thin edge all around the rug.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Left over yarn and Domino knitting

I had some leftover yarn from some mittens, and decided to experiment a bit with the principles for Domino knitting.

First square - 29 stitches in yellow.
Knit one row.
2. row knit 13 masks, slip one mask, knit 2 masks together. Pass slipped stich over the "two masks", knit 13 masks.

Then I have used the Three center masks to reduce the number of masks with two.

Change to red.
3 row. Knit 27 masks. row - knit 12 masks, reduce the centre three masks to one as described in row 2. knit the next 12.

Continue till you have finished a square.
Make 4 more squares and join to one big square.
Make an extra square to make this wrest warmers.

Warm feet for Christmas

My sister bought an older house in the eatern part of Norway. The climate there is colder than here...and our floors are always cold in December - february... so a useful and environmental X-mas present for her and her closest should be home made slippers.

The grey/purple - three treads of thin wool.

The Red - one thread tick wool, one thread thin and then feltet.

The same with the pink pair.

Cortina + a thin wool yarn.

Mittens from Stjørdal

I have made christmas present for someone - so I can not say whom...
But these are definitely warm. Made from a recipe from Husfliden and yarn from Rauma. Extra fine woollen yarn.