Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flower power jacket

I am still working on my Christel Seyfarth Flower power jacket project. It takes some time.
There are appr. 20 different colours involved, and three basic patters. But it takes time to knit it all.

So here are the progress so far. Done with the main part of the jacket, and both arms.

Sofie´s woolen scarf

Sofie is always getting up early in the weekend. Well, not earlier that everyday, but she is normally up and about at 7 in the morning saturday and sundays. I m not. So normally I find her reading a book, playing with the computer or watching TV, and always a bit cold.

I knittet a scarf in some Sofie friendly colours, so now she stays warm in the mornings.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moebius knitted scarf

I had this great yarn from Denmark, yellow, orange and red, and approximately 140 grams. To bad to use it on socks...probably not ideal for a hat....but a Mobius scarf.

So then I tried to make one, but became uncertain whether it would be long enough. So I started again , this time with plenty more stitches. It is long enough, actually a bit long I think. Three time around the neck. But it works nice with my coat, and 100% wool keeps me warm in the cold, cold Norwegian winter.