Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Not for me or mine, please

There are some real imaginative knitters in the world, but some of the products are a bit far out.

Winter hat with beard

Knitted replika of an i phone
(yes thank you, give me an i phone, no thank you, please keep the replika away from me)

Knitted zombie and knitted pirate penguin (Way to go - fight for your right not to be extinct)

And worse than knitted clothes for dogs that don't need it...clothes for penguins

And then there are the totally useless stuff that you still think could be worth it. MAy be?
Linux penguin

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have started a scarf project

and run out of yarn...I went to the shop before easter and bought some extra yarn in the same color and pattern as my hat and gloves. My great plan was to make a matching scarf - since my most used scarf is pink.... and that was not a good matcth with the red hat and scarf.

Then I ran out of yarn - and I forgot - living in Norway -easter almost last forever. Shops are open as if it was a saturday - the wednesday before easter. Then thursday and friday they close down completely - and saturday - it is a lottery - you will never know for sure if a shop is open or not. The shop where I get my yarn - were not open...and on monday they will be closed as well....

But I have started. And I have used all my yarn.
I choose to make one round with Tunisian crotcheting and one with standard crotheting. It is really soft and airy....and just 50 gram more of Dale Baby wool and I will have a nice, long, warm, scarf. And yes, we still need it here.....

Jacket for Rigmor

My oldest daughter Rigmor found one jacket she would like, when I asked her if there were anything she would like me to knit for her. Pattern from Drops Design.
So now I have made the jacket - and I went shopping for some nice buttons for the jacket today. I finally found them at BĂ„nsull in Stavanger.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My red gloves

In the babywool yarn I knitted some red gloves. This nice thin wool is warm without being lumpy or itchy. It is so nice to wear! And then they have this multicoloured yarn that helps bring life into the knitwear without to much work. I used a free pattern from Drops design for the gloves.
I Guess I will start to make a warm scarf now - to match. My pink one will not do anymore. At least then I have a small project for easter.

"Alpelue" - knitted hat

In the winter issue of VK I found a nautilus spiral shaped cloak - a bit to "arty" for my taste - but I did like that spiral pattern a lot. So what could I make ...sirkular shape...

A hat for the earlt spring. In Dale Babywool so it do not itch...So I knitted the spiral form with a simple Yarn over repeatable pattern - increasing for every round...and then I had to find a way to decrease it - but at the aproxemately same ratio - and then a couple of rounds with no decrease to make it sit nicely on the head and not slip off.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Baby blanket - Mosaic knitting

I bought a brilliant book called Mosaic Knitting - and they had page on page on very small projects to learn the knitting technique. I always like a challenge - so I made a baby blanket for a friend of my daughter expecting a baby soon. A woollen blanket is alway nice in our climate!

Each square is made up based on 29 stitches. Then on every 2. row you reduce 2 masks by using the three middle masks on the knitting needle. In the end you are stuck with one mask only. This you can use together with masks you pick up along one side of the square (all together 15) and then you add 14 extra masks and repeat.

Some details: