Sunday, December 16, 2012

"tubeskjerf" Moebius

I have knitted a red scarf for Sofie in Alpacca and mohair- nice and warm in the winter. And an identical to me in purple. It was a quick project - but I was not used to knit with such thick knitting needles. But you soon get used to it.

Jacket - for the spring

I was in London in September - and just came across some beautiful cotton/wool mix in nice colours.
So a tiny jacket for the spring.

Hat and socks from Nøstebarn,

I remember when Sofie was little - sometimes when she could not sleep a hat helped. I do not know why - It could be the air conditioning (we lived in Texas back then).

But I have knitted another thin little hat in wool/silk blend from Duo - and followed a recipe from Nøstebarn on rib hat for babies.

Wrap-around the baby jacket

Small babys are not very fond of having clothes pulled over the head- so I used some left-over silk/wool yarn from Duo to knit this jacket. I found a pattern from Leine , I just changed it a tiny bit on the front part to make it more gender neutral.

Traditional babyvest

In Denmark I came across this old fashioned, traditional baby vest. Since we do not know the gender - I played it safe. If the parents can use the buttons on a baby bay - they can change buttons.
The pattern is from - model Amalie

Baby underwear

A tiny person being born in Oslo might needs some warm clothes, and specifically close to the body. I am no fan of synthetic materials close to the body- so all I knit is in wool, silk, cotton, alpaca or mix of those qualities. I have knitted three short sleeved underwear of Wool silk blend. The pattern is from and called "Baby in rib" I just added the arms to the pattern.

Then i made two with long sleeves. One of them has beautiful buttons I got from a colleague.