Tuesday, September 25, 2012

baby blanket

Rainbow coloured baby blanket for my coming grandchild.
This has been my in-between-other projects-project since this summer.
Last Thursday on Stavanger Strikk og drikk, Cardinal- I finished the knitting. This weekend I was able to complete it by sewing in all loose threads etc.

It is knitted in Entrelac, one row in each colour.
This makes it elastic, colourful-but still with a system.
I tried to follow the colours of the rainbow - but the did not have the last Violet or Indigo colours.

Lets hope the parents like it.

Jacket to a tiny person

In Denmark this summer I bought some Japanese wool. Noro. I just had to make a jacket to a very small person in that lovely yarn. Yes - the jacket will fit for a very short time...but then may be it can be passed on to another baby? and another? It was anyway an easy and quick project. And I found some lovely buttons for the Jacket.

Geilsk babyhat

I had some of that soft duo silk/wool mix left. In the description on how to make the babyhat it states that you only need 15 grams. So I made the hat. A fun and quick little project.

Recipe (in Danish) available for free on Geilsk web page.

I liked the way the hat ended in a cute little top, and the way it forms itself.