Monday, June 8, 2015

Bear hats

My niece  wanted one of there for Each of her  daughters.
And Then I made one for  little Yr
And the neighbour girl.

And Then a Panda version for Sofie
And a grey one for BeiBei (the doll) 

Pattern Bought from Ravelry

Big sister blouse

My darling granddaughter is going to become a big sister soon. I have been knitting to "little brother" and Then this special blouse...only for big sisters.

Danish design, thin alpakka and linnen.
Keiserens nye tøy.

I added a button With a ladybug button.
Ladybugs are almost as cool as Hello Kitty.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pink mittens

 mittens, pink, Yr, Sisu, Two at the same time, magic loop

Planning to start communicating very short.

I made these to keep practising the magic loop, and knitting two at the same time. Starting form the top of the mittens.

I added rather long cuffs so the little one should not get cold when playing outside.
Good chance to practice some techniques.

Machin knitted mittens

I will not give up....
I will not give up....

I am just not able to get as good results on the knitting machine as with hand knitting.

This time I tried to follow the recipe in a machine knitting book.
Pair number 1 to short for the recipient, but luckily found an owner with shorter fingers than Sofie.

The other pair - clearly! I had to make just that cm to long.
But Sofie liked the colour and the pattern. And have been using them.

Yarn from Hillesvåg.

Brigth Yellow hat

My young granddaughter is not very big for her age. And I often end up knitting a slighjtly smaller size than the recipe for the garment to fit.

This time, I did not use a recipe- just measured around her head, counted the stitches and made a hat.
Filcolana Arwetta Classic.

And I made a little neck piece for her as well.

She came visiting, and tried it on. The neck piece were way to short.
The hat seemed to fit- but kept working it's way op her head.

We agreed that I shoukld make her a new one, Pink.
And we could save this for Lillebror when he would be big enough to use it.

At least he will be easy to keep track of.

I saw this nice tittle top at Geilsk web shop, and I just had to wait til my granddaughter was big enough to knit it to her.

Cotton/wool blend and the stitches gave it a light, soft fabric. 
The shaping of this garment was perfect for the young lady.
And it was pink.
We really like Pink for the time being.
Not Yellow anymore. 
The stitches - in English "Extended Open-Work Stitch" 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Non-stop - shirt

When Sofie and I left for Lanzarote for our "Spring vacation", I brought with me thin knitting needles, and two skeins of Filcolana Arwetta classic.
And a recipe that reminded of Baby in rib, but an easier design for shoulders.

So an undershirt/T-short- short sleeved blouse for Yr.

..and the YR picked buttons....

Dameting - dress for me

I just love Geilsk tweed.
And I would like to do a bigger project than the small baby-grandchild stuff.
So I bought tweed, red, for me. Planning for a Christmas dress. 

Instead- this spring is so cold- that I wear the dress in May.

I love some of the details.
The neck....


From "Søte små i bomull" from Sandnes, I wanted to make this romper for the little one coming.
Sandnes petit yarn is used.
Easy pattern.
But I made one adjustment. The sholderflaps were made with moss stiches.
And the cord I knitted icord instead of twisting the yarn for a cord.

Tiny cotton jacket

My parents were visiting and they wanted me to take them yarn shopping. We went to Sandnes. 
While they were walking around the store looking for yarn that would felt  - I noticed some displayed baby clothes.

I know I have alreade knitted plenty- but not in cotton. 
So - even though I had no shopping plans, I arrived home with for skeins if Sandes cotton and a leaflet with recioes.

Well this is the jacket.

tiny knee socks

Some leftover woolen yarn.
Socks knitted at the same time, 
This time from the top down.

experimenting with "russian heel"

Picking the little one up at hospital?

I have made a set for the little one. I bought three skeins of Filcolana Indicita Petrol from "God som ull".  That was plenty for the project of knitting the retro jacket from the book "Strikk til smårollinger" So I added a pair of retro pants. Still plenty of yarn.

I have always liked Lene Holme Samsø's little babyhar, and now I had the chance to knit that one. "Strikk til baby på pinne nummer 3"

And then a pair of socks.

DNA vest from Geilsk

I have big plans about knitting some woollen undershirts for myself before the winter.
We will see. There are so much I would like to knit- so the project are in a continously shifting priortized line.
Well, here is the DNA undershirt or vest for a little person arriving in june. Size 3 months.
I used Geilsk thin wool.
The result is soft, light --> and yas I want one for me. Sofie would like one too...

Summer pants

Rib is so useful because of the elasticity it provides.
If the baby is round or skinny, they will fit.

Found this in a Sandnes Baby magazine.
Bought some mustard coloured Rauma baby wool (Baby panda). Nice and soft.
I am a bit worried if the pant will fit over the shoulders....

More baby in rib - and retro pants

I made a summer version of the baby-in-rib. This time red, and in Geilsk cotton/wool blend. Supersoft and not to warm IF we should be lucky enough to see the sun again in 2015.

Leftover yarn were used for a retropants found in the book "Strikk til smårollinger". I was just not able to complete the as planned in red. Out of yarn. BUT- lucky is the person with a room of yarn - they always have something to use. So thuis multicoloured wool became the solution.

Same size- different yarn :-)

Baby in rib, and "Livstykkehjelm"

I am lucky enough to go to Denmark every now and then.
I like Danish design.
I like Danish knitting design.

From i have made Baby in rib underwear for Yr when she was tiny. 
Now I made the first set for her coming little brother.
Sandnes silk-alpakka

Left over yarn became Livstykkehjelm from Geilsk.