Friday, January 25, 2008

Warm twirly alpakka scarf

I used three different colours of blue to make the scarf. Dark blue, medium blue and light blue. The scarf is very easy to make. The way I made is was identical to the recipe from Drops Design - with only one easy alteration.
I kept the first part of the recipe, done in the darkest colour. Then I added a second row in the medium blue colour where I did as follows:
" Crochet 1 tr in the 4th ch from hook, then 1tr in each ch until the end of row, turn the piece and change to the third colour." Then I did what is explained as the second row as the third rom, in the lightest colour.
I chose a nice warm alpakke quality for the yarn.

Olav's Squirrel Mittens

I made Olav a pair of mittens to. I just needed to make longer thums and extend the mittens a bit.

Same colours, same material.

And now we can hope for some snow so they will be useful. So far the winter has consisted of rain, wind and storms.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My squirrell mittens

I have made myself a pair of squirrell mittens, so the squirrells are facing each other...

The big plan is to scan the pattern and put it out on the net... May be I will remember to do so one day.

I used Silja from GJESDAL to the mittens. Silja is a yarn designed for socks - but I loved the colours together, and my thinking is - socks need strong yarn - and then may be the mittens will not wear out for many years. And they can be machine washed....