Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knitted patchwork blanket

From time to time, when travelling, I scan the shelves in the magazine stores.
Most of the time it is gossip, cars, sex, photo, music or game magazine that dominate the content. Once I ran into this little airport shop with 4 different knitting magazines. Obviously, I ended up buying all of them, it is so rare I find that kind of magazines.

While flipping through the "Knit simply" winter edition 2006 I saw a patchwork log cabin blanket.

I got inspired from the simplicity of it, combined with the fact that it was quit nice. The pattern had 3x4 squares. Off course, competitive that I am, I am aiming for 6X8.
And I am going to felt it when it is all done. Sure. I'll run the risk of all the work either being worth wile or end up as a catastrophe. Risk taking for sure...
The technique in each square is quit simple. I start with 10 stitches, knit a square (20 rows). Changes colour and continue. Then put the stitches on a thread or spare needle while turning the work side wise and pick up 20 stitches and knit in colour 2.

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