Thursday, January 7, 2010

Making the world better with warn gloves and mittens

I have undertaken a very small project these last months, I am trying to make the world a better place by creating some warm wollen gloves for people I know. I have knittet gloves for friends and family members I know will use them.
Hilde got some yellow, orange, red gloves in pure wool, easy to wash. They got the feeling of cotton and the warmth of wool.

Same yarn is used for Britt's gloves. For Britt I decided to make add-on wrist warmers to the gloves, in the same yarn, and the same colours.

Axi, Sofie's little friend from Austria will receive these mittens in red 100% wool. He picked the colour himself when we visited him in Vienna.

For my sister Linda - some black-grey shaded gloves she can wear even if she needs to wear a uniform.

These gloves together with the gloves for my friend Hildegunn is knitted on the concept I picked up in Nigeria. Things being almost identical - but not completely. "

Same-same-but-different". Which I found cute and cool. Hope the receivers feel the same.

Hege Merete got a pair of mittens based on the same principle. With kittens.Then I just had to make some warm pink gloves for my clever niece. So I choose to keep to one colour - and add some structure.
What else to choose than a tiny Owl. So Inger Elise - I hope to receive a picture of you wearing the gloves:-)

Sofie has an unfortunate habit of loosing clothes. Mittens and gloves included. So now when we had a lot of snow, both her still existing gloves and mittens were wet. She wanted something warm to go back out into the snow. I had to tell her that I was not able to do magic. But then I remembered a warm sweater someone boiled to a sudden death in the washing

machine. We got it, and cut it into the shape of mittens and quickly nested it
together. I feltet two hearts just to decorate them, and she was soon back into the snow with really warm mittens.After knitting these gloves, we got a kitten. So I knittet kitten gloves for my self also. In multiple colours. The yarn is designer for socks - but it makes good gloves also.

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