Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tux mittens for my son-in-law

When I first found the pattern for tux mittens I decided to knit a pair. In size they were perfect for one of my daughters, so she got a pair of orange and purple, soft woolen mittens. Then I decided to make a pair for my son-in-law. So I switched to thicker needles and used Sisu yarn. I followed the chart - but understood that they would be too short for his hands. So that pair was finished with my oldest daughter in mind. Then I streched the pattern by adding on 4 rows with a simple pattern, and 4 rows of white before starting to knit Tux. So now they should be long enough.
Nelsons Tux mittens:

and then a shot
of Rigmor and Nelsons mittens side-by-side.

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