Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Flower Power jacket

I did finnish my FlowerPower Jacket. The process consisted of lots and lots of work, and an idea of how lovely it would be when i was done. And when I finally was done with all the parts - It was far to big for me :-( It did not look nice at all.

I brougth the big jacket with me to Stavanger "Strikk og Drikk" at Cardinal Pub and asked the experienced knitting ladies at the pub for advise.
Felt it by hand and with lot of care - they said.

I was told how to do this, and I tried, and I worked the jacket between cold and warm soapy water...for a long time, but nothing happened with the jacket except getting heavier and heavier with water. At the end my arms were aching and both me, the floor and everything surrounding us was wet. And I was really frustrated.

I ended up felting it in the washing machine! First time at 40 degrees - but the jacket seemed to have been vaccinated against felting in the process. Then I did it again on 50 degrees Celsius....and then it was to small!

I stretched it as best I could when it was wet - and the result was OK. And this jacket is what I wore in Denmark on Fanø Knitting festival in September.

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