Thursday, October 17, 2013

Little red riding hood

Winter is approaching. So far the fall has been more "summer" than most summers here on the west coast. But soon the cold weather will strike.
I am so lucky to have a beautiful little grand daugther, Yr. And I keep knitting woolly things for her. In soft Merino wool, absolutely not scratchy, I made this "Pixie hat". When they are so young (<1year and="" do="" drop="" gloves="" ground.="" hats="" it="" on="" or="" p="" remove="" the="" their="" they="" whatever="">
This model ensures a good fit. It covers ears and neck. And it is harder to remove for the little hands, but easy for parents to put on the child. I was planning to knit a grey one, but when I saw this nice red colour- I could not resist a little red riding hood hat. Recipe from Hjertegarn.

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