Monday, November 18, 2013

A Knitting machine!!!!!!!!

I have a good friend who have lived in Canada for a time. She has helped me procuring a toy for us knitters. A knitting machine. I will still do most knitting by hand, but still- I really would like to explore "THE KNITTING MACHINE". Silverreed LK150.

I am not specifically patient.
Luckily I am rather technical.

So- I made this child sweather in Drops Alpakka while exploring the machine.

How to make a nice start and prevent the stockinet to curl?
How to change yarn?
How to descrease?
How to increase?
How to pick up dropped stitches?
How to transfer stitches to knitting needles?

So far: learning: Difficult to find nice recipes?
Forget about knitting in the round- think back, front, sleeves, sew together.

The neck made by handknitting.

Now- I need to find out what size of kid that fits the sweather.

By the way- My own design :-)

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