Monday, May 25, 2015

Red dress for Yr

I was planning to knit a dress to Yr from Nøstebarn's pattern. But I was not a fan of the open back solution to an active little girl.
I wanted to use some of the New Zealand fine merino wool bought in November - StrikkehelgStavanger.
And I wanted to force myself to use the knitting machine - and calculate the size/and rewrite the pattern for my own benefit.

1) The dress curled! Where I did not want it to curl. And yes, it kept curling after wash ;-(
SO- I picked up the stiches at the bottom and knitted 5 cm in a simple hole pattern. No more curling.

2) The dress did not have pockets! Grandma's little friend told me that she needed pocket. One pockets added.

 3) Chose to have the garter stich side facing outwards.

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