Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tunisian crocheting with two hooks

I got two crocheting needles with hooks in both ends for my birthdaypresent from my mum. I looked up a couple of tutorials on the Internet on how to do this two hook tunisian crocheting and the fundamental principles are easy! But finding interesting recipes was more difficult. So I made my own - in order to get familiar with the technique and get a product as a result.

I have made a jacket for my daughter - in the colors she loves. And I have now gotten to know two of the methods very well, and how to increase and decrease the number of masks. I just need to finish up the edge around the jacket and buy some buttons.


reidun said...

Stilig Monica, du er allsidig. jeg hadde nesten glemt at det er noe som heter hakking. Farvene var nydelige!

Monica V Haga said...


Det er sÄ kjekt med hakking at...