Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A blue hat

We went to the mountains for a hike. Two friends of mine, and our daughters and one of my nieces. 7 "girls" together for 5 days. Hiking, enjoying the Norwegian summer in the mountains. Bringing waterproof, windproof clothes and swimsuits. We know by heart how fast the weather changes.

Two of the days were perfectly sunny and our hikes were perfect. Two of the days were rainy but warm enough. But one of the days had a cold cold and pretty strong wind blowing. Sofie were lucky and borrowed a hat form one of the others. I did not bring a woollen hat to the mountains in July - I should have - together with gloves. But I had brought along the needle and some blue yarn in case there would be need to entertain myself. So I made her a hat, and one for my friend Berit.

This time I used only the one hook method, and alternated between the two blue colours I had to make a nice effect.

She is happy with the hat, I am planning to make one for me as well.

On the last photo you can see more details.

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