Saturday, August 4, 2007

My extra warm gloves.

I have been trying out different techniques lately. I needed a break from knitting, and looked in to tunisian crotheting, and now "pjoning".

I work round and round using a crotheting needle. By variating a little (using the backmost stich like on the illustration) or the foremost stich I get to different patterns. I made a pair of thick warm mittens for the winter. I then used the left over yarn to make ekstension for them so they would warm the wrist as well.

My aunt Lizzie in Denmark told me that this would be perfect for her as a Christmas gift. They were a bit short for me, so may be she will get them...or may be one of my nieces.

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ada said...

Hei, så fint å finne ei side med hakking og pjoning! Lenge trodde jeg at jeg var den eneste som hadde lært dette på skolen. Disse vottene - hvor mange masker har du lagt opp?