Thursday, September 11, 2014

Knitting two mittens at the same time

After having learned to knit two socks at the same time, on circular needles it was tempting to try the same with mittens.  After socks size 2 years there were more of the Arwetta Classic yarn in bright yellow.

Starting with 16 stitches on top, increasing to 40.
then knitting until the length of the mitten above the thumb.

Knitting two at the same time: will never make two right mittens again,

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Knut Kvarme said...

Wow! Nice mittens!
I'm considering knitting similar mittens this weekend, but I am contemplating whether I should start with just 8 stitches instead of 16 stitches on top and then slowly adding more stitches for each new row? You know, just to get a more pointy look of it all...What do you think? yes, I know...unconventional indeed...but hey, we only live once...I think? :)