Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cowl - a nice travelling project

I normally end up with minimum three knitting projects.
1) Sitting on the coach knitting, talking, watching TV, Being social--> not to complicated knitting
2) Please leave me alone- I am counting, trying to figure it out - knitting. --> learning a new technique knitting
3) travelling - easy to carry and transport

Going to Bornholm I had a pair of yellow gloves as travelling knitting. Knitting fingers on gloves with many needles are not the best travelling knitting, so I went to Garnkilden and bought two knitting kits from Hifa. Molly hat and a cowl. In nice red 100% Hifa wool.

Travelling on the plane--> knitting on the cowl
Travelling on the bus from Copenhagen to Ystad --> knitting on  the cowl
Travelling with the ferry, Ystad -Rønne --> Knitting on the mittens

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