Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Retro for Yr

I have an old "Alt for Damene" knitting magazine. Fantastic patterns for small babies.
Among all the patterns there was a few "I have to make this" sweathers and blouses.

Starting out with the yarn available- Duo Wool/silk bought in Denmark a few weeks ago, this is the result. I hope it will fit - I was so tiny - even if it was marked 3 - 5 months. The blouset ended up a bit darker than optimal - but I think Yr is dark enough to wear it.

It was fairly easy to make. I started out with 60 stitches - knitting back and forth. Every second time I stopped before the last 14, turned the work around, thread over and knitted back. Next time i knitted the thread-over stitch together with the 14th last stitch and continued over all the stitches.

After repeating this 8 times I made twelve rounds following a basic pattern and continued to the first sleeve. Knitted the top 22 stitches- putting the rest onto a thread for later, adden stitches so I again had 60. The downmost 9 narrowing in by every third time I arrived there I turned the work.

At the end- crotcheting around the neck to allow a twisted thread finnishing the neckline off.

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