Friday, March 15, 2013

Jacket, hat and socks in leftover yarn

The wool/silk from Duo is a fantastic yarn to knit with., I really love it. My daughter bought some and made a baby blanket - crocheted in squares. I had used the same colour for a babyrib with owl buttons. So - there where leftover yarn.
I started out with a jacket. Just made up as I went along. Started with the cack - increased to create the sleeves- then descreased again and added an edgen for buttons and one for holes.
Still there were more yarn. So I made a little hat. Livstykkehjelm from Geilsk.

And with more yarn - a pair of very small socks, for a tiny foot.

So - this set with jacket, hat and socks is made of leftover yarn - and I still have some. Just need to get a good idea of a leftoveryarn project.

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