Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scarf for the old man

Olav finally got around to buying a nice woollen "coat" to use over his suit. Then he found a scarf in the same shop. "Woollen scarf" said the sign. Inside the label said Wool 30%, Mohair 10%, Polyamid 60%.
THAT IS NOT A WOOLLEN SCARF! this is a polyamid scarf with some wool fibres!@
It does not keep you warm in -10 degrees celcius.

So we started the hunt for a woollen scarf. We found none! Max 60% wool. Where are the customers? Are they sleeping while shopping! don´t they want to keep warm- or are they just caring for the tiny brand stuck onto the product?

Well - end of story - we bought Yarn in Garnoasen in Silkeborg - and I Knitted a scarf for my man. In his chosen colours.

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