Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sweater for Yr

After the cranky pants, I wanted to knit a sweater for the little darling. I used red Silja Yarn from Sparkjøp. This time i knitted the front, the back and the arms as seperate parts on the knitting machine- until chest-high. Then I joined them all on a circular needle and knittet back and forth across all four parts, decresing every 7th stitch after 10 rows, then dereasing every 6th stich etc- until every second stitch.

At the same time I splitt the front in 2, having 10 stitches passed the middle on the needle, picking up stiches underneath to make an easy pull on and off opening.

After having knitted the top, I was going to sew it together from wrist to armpit and down the side- I noticed that the little girl had grown, and that the sweather was long enough, but would be very "slim", so I picked up stitches all the way, and knitted rib back and fort and joined together with the stiches as I went along.

The result was ok.

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