Thursday, February 25, 2010

All the little things for decorating Sofies hat.

As a tassel she wanted a Michaelmas Daisy. That was not to hard. Flower number 47 in the book.
The Bumble bee were not to difficult either, but I felt my fingers were a bit to large for the job. But she was happy with it.
The Meconopsis were picked because now I could see that I could manage without beeing glued to the computer in order to make it.

This is a failed periwincle. (It doesn't know, and neither does Sofie!) But it looks like a flower at least. May be it exist in the floral world to?
After this little project failure I needed something very simple to gain some confidence again. And I looked for something were the diagram made sence.
So I wanted to make the Forget -me-not, but I did not want to mix blue inte the already colourful mix for the hat. So I made a not correctly coloured forget-me-not. That helped. The courage needed to try the challenge was there.
And then I went for the flower Sofie really really wanted.
So here it is.
My pride!
I made it!
An Auricula. Recognisable and everything.
It is in the middle of the winter olympics, so yesterday evening I was watching womens speed skating to cheer for the Norwegian ladies, and particularly Maren Haugli. (I think she became number 5 in the end.) It is not so much to watch, round and round. So I decided to be brave and try the butterfly as well. So this is my version of Orange tip butterfly.
I used a yarn that is called Silja, and it has a lot of nice colours yo choose from, and was easy to crochet with.

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FrkSnupp said...

Søt lue og søt jente! takk for en veldig koselig strikk og drikk på Cardinal, jeg kommer tilbake! FrkSnupp/Pia