Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sofie hat - new version

This hat seems to be very popular. It is so easy to knit. Purl 2, knit two for a rib. Then knit two stiches together, and continue with purl 2 knit two and you get this diagonal pattern.

Sofie is very found of flowers, butterflies and everything remotely connected with summer. So when this hat was done, with only one colour, she decided that to like it, it needed some decorations.

Since I bought the book 100 flowers to knit and crochet, I have just flipped through it and decided it woyuld be a nice gift for someone better at crocheting than me. But Sofie flipped through it and begged me to make some flowers, a bumble bee and a buttefly. I love YouTube, there are lessons in doing different crocheting stitches there. So I managed. I also made a red hat for Marte, same pattern, no flowers. And a black one for me. The trick is to use smaller knitting needles for the rib, the switch to large knitting needles. (I started with 4, and ended with 7 mm).

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