Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally done - my sleeveless jacket now only needs some buttons

This is the nightmare project. I started it a year ago when we lived in Lagos, Nigeria. The plan was to have something nice and warm for when I returned to cold Norway. It went well, until I startet with the sleeves.

No matter how I made them, it just would nor fit! It looked bulky, it looked wrong. I tried and retried, but there were no nice fix.

So my solution was, yesterday, to give up the sleeves and make it sleeveless.

So this is my sleeveless version of Drops design number 107-1, made with Bris yarn from Gjesdal.

As you can see, I used a lot of purple shaded yarn, and added on some blue-green-ish shaded to brighten it up a bit. I was happy with that result. Now I need 6 big buttons tha matches the purple colours. And knitting Mosaic knitting does not leave a lot of loose ends to fasten afterwards.

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